1. Returns and Refunds

If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, first, I am truly sorry and will strive to do better.

Please keep in mind that I am am evolving small business with limited resources and that that every product on this site is printed and supplied via print-on-demand using Printful.com.

Matters of product quality and shipping are out of my hands. 

However, I take pride in this business and will do my best to resolve any dissatisfaction. 

Please reach out via email at support@coloradosaram.com

I will do my best to address the issue within my capabilities. 

Please review Printful’s own return policy

2. Printful-Specific Considerations

2.1 Printful’s Role

    • Quality Assurance: Printful ensures the highest quality standards for all products. If any issues arise due to Printful’s error, we’ll address them promptly.

For all further inquiries please contact support@coloradosaram.com and we will do our best to resolve the situation.