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Ruffwear Front Range vs. Switchbak, Singletrak, and OneTigris: Dog Pack Review

The review explores the Ruffwear Front Range Dog Day Pack, which was trail-tested with my Border Collie, Winnie. Although pleased with the sturdiness and design, I reflect on the fact that a more compact option like the Ruffwear Switchbak may have been more suitable for my dog and our lack of deep backcountry adventures. I delve into additional alternatives such as the pricier Ruffwear Singletrak, which offers hydration bladders, and the
more economical OneTigris Dog Pack.

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Border Collie Winnie tries out the Ruffwear Front Range Daypack
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Smooth Sailing: An In-Depth Guide to Jeju Island Ferry Travel

If you’ve decided to visit Jeju Island, South Korea, you’ll soon confront a crucial question: How do I get there? Unless you’re an Olympic swimmer, you essentially have two options: fly or take a ferry. I share my personal experience and explain why opting for the ferry might be your best choice. I’ll also guide you through the process if you decide to travel to Jeju by sea.

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Ferry from Jeju Island to Wando with dog and car.
Border Collie Life in South Korea

John Buckley

Welcome to Colorado Saram! I'm from the ski resort town of Vail, but now I live in South Korea with my wife Lucy and dog, Winnie. I continue to live and value the Colorado lifestyle, but I do so while following my passion for international travel. I write about skiing, hiking, traveling, and more. I hope you'll find this helpful, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.